Institute of Technology Carlow (IT Carlow)

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Highlights of Studying in Institute of Technology Carlow (IT Carlow)

  • Permanent Residence (PR) in just 2 years

  • Comprehensive portfolio of almost 100 Masters, Honours & Higher Certificate courses

  • Free Counselling by our expert counsellors.

  • CGPA as low as 6.0 accepted for post graduate programmes.

  • Simple and hassle-free application process.

  • 12 Postgraduate courses available.

  • An overall IELTS score of 6.0 is accepted.

  • One of the largest technology colleges with campuses in Carlow, Wexford and Wicklow.

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Institute of Technology Carlow

The Carlow Institute of Technology provides a broad range of UG, PG degree and honors courses in streams such as TV and Media Production, Electronic Engineering, IT Management, Business & Accounting. The programs are crafted to guarantee scholars get direct enterprise publicity and encounter via the curriculum.

Institute of Technology Carlow proffers support & advice to scholars on adaptation choices in the region. The university has numerous scholar associations and communities, like drama, skydiving, soccer, hillwalking, martial arts, & dance. International Society of the institute is recognized as hosts outings, Cultural Shake-Up, and events for global scholars to engage and socialize with other seniors. Furthermore, the dedicated International Office of institute guides scholars from overseas, incorporating free English language courses and professional guidance.

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  • IT Carlow has a capital investment plan of 150 million Euros for the university, to assure state-of-the-art amenities and facilities for scholars that comprises four new buildings after the year 2012.
  • Employers of the IT Carlow's students incorporate Citibank, Intel, IBM, and Pfizer.
  • The Institute of Technology Carlow has a Teaching and Education Hall that provides training to professors and other staff for enhancing the training experience of students.

Why Study at the Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland

Student Life in Institute of Technology Carlow can be as inspiring and as supplementing as you yearn to turn it out. IT Carlow has a broad array of pursuits to meet all gestations, and this segment of the website offers a driveway to scholar communities, staff, sports clubs, and student exhibition.

In case any of the students are planning to visit Carlow Institute of Technology for the first time, we heartily suggest you at least once have a look at the website's student services segment. These web pages offer a large stock of data on discovering accommodation, your initial some days on the campus as well as essential points concerning shopping, banking, & transportation.

The Institute of Technology Carlow provides:


Students appreciate the perfect of both realms at IT Carlow, pursuing their studies in welcoming and challenging circumstances, without the constraints of the urbanized student life.


The student adaptation cost in Carlow Institute of Technology is up to 50 percent affordable than collective urbanized adaptation. A more substantial amount of scholars at IT Carlow also overlook travel charges daily - the campus is under a cycling or walking distance of local facilities.


Shorter group learning is an essential peculiarity of the IT Carlow's educational strategy, encouraging a collaborative ecosystem between students and staff, with the accent on individual skills.


The Institute of Technology Carlow campus is a quick walk from the city center of Carlow, including its numerous leisure, sporting, and recreation amenities. Carlow, in turn, is adequately attended with top rail & road connections to a majority of Irish notable towns & cities.


Scholars appreciate a gorgeous campus commencing on the river Barrow shores, within a comfortable stretch of a few of the most delicate scenic tours of Ireland and unblemished countryside.

Institute of Technology Carlow Ranking

Since the year 1970, the university is catering the global clients with superior UG and PG programs. It is among the top rated and highly appreciated universities in the world of technology. The degree programs completed from here is not only appreciated by the MNCs and well-reputed firms in Ireland but also all across the globe.

  • The world ranking of the Institute of Technology Carlow is 4003.
  • The Impact Rank of the IT Carlow is 4207
  • The Excellence Rank of Institute of Technology Carlow is 4666
  • The Openness Rank of AIT is 2872
  • The Presence Rank of IT Carlow is 7860

Postgraduate at the Institute of Technology Carlow

The excellence and supremacy of the IT Carlow are widespread around the globe; that's why the scholars from across the world are excited to admission in a master's degree at the Institute of Technology Carlow. This university provides an excellent platform for the students who have completed their UG programs and looking for a most valued institution to pursue their PG programs.

We are here to explore a comprehensive range of departments for IT Carlow postgraduate programs such as Humanities & Social Sciences, Business, Digital Marketing & Design, Science, Health & Sport, Computing & Data Science, Engineering, etc., out of all these, the students can pick their preferred one. The eligibility criteria changes as per your choice of PG program, so it is better to have a look at the eligibility criteria before making your mind.

It doesn't matter that you have completed your UG degree of Ireland or from abroad if you have the caliber then the doors of master’s degree at IT Carlow is open for you.

List of postgraduate courses in Institute of Technology Carlow

The objective of IT Carlow to Interact, Discover, Challenge & fabricate something innovative is connected via an academic environment granting programs in higher learning & research up to doctoral level, including PG programs. With an ever more varied array of postgraduate programs in IT Carlow, we acknowledge to transforming trends in the employment sector, guaranteeing that we stay at the top of postgraduate learning procurement and the primary preference for upcoming leaders in the segments of technology, science, and arts. Let's have a look at a wide range of postgraduate courses in IT Carlow.

The best courses in Institute of Technology Carlow is as follows:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • MSc in Management in the Built Environment
  • MSc in Data Science
  • MSc in Digital Marketing
  • MSc in Information Technology Management
  • Master of Business with Work Placement
  • MSc in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs
  • MSc in Supply Chain Management
  • MA in Interaction Design
  • MA in Leadership in Early Years Education and Care
  • MSc in Sports Performance Analysis
  • MSc in Strength and Conditioning

Postgraduate Tuition Fee in Institute Of Technology Carlow for International Students

The average postgraduate tuition fee in Institute of Technology Carlow for international students ranges around €11,250. This is a rough idea about the tuition fee of PG programs in IT Carlow; it may vary as per the choice of the students from which discipline they wish to pursue their master's degree. This is the fee of an academic year from September to August every year, and the program is for two years, so they have to pay this fee every year.

The average tuition fee for Masters in IT Carlow is:

  • Tuition Fee for Institute of Technology Carlow - €11,250

Postgraduate Entry Requirement for International Students in Institute Of Technology Carlow

The Institute of Technology Carlow is one of the highly reputed institutions in Ireland where every student dreams of pursuing their education programs. It is not a cup of tea for any of the candidate to get admission in the PG programs under the IT Carlow. They have to satisfy some of the minimum academic as well as other qualifications.

Let’s have a look at the Postgraduate Entry Requirement in Institute of Technology Carlow:

  • Candidates must have an honors bachelor degree (with a counseled least level second Class, 1st Division) in the concerned discipline.
  • The education programs carried out here are in English so the candidates will have to qualify some English Proficiency Exams
  • Applicants possessing qualifications other than that stipulated above may get enrolled to a Postgraduate program subordinate to adequate achievement in a test, exam or other specification accepted by the Academic Council on the recommendation of the Committee of Research and Development & a specified external reviewer.

Below is the minimum entry requirement for IT Carlow:

  • Entry Requirement for Institute of Technology Carlow (Percentage or CGPA) - 60% or 6.0 CGPA

IELTS Requirement for Institute of Technology Carlow

The IELTS exam is held all over the globe and for entry into the undergraduate & postgraduate courses, the minimum required score ranges between 6.0 to 6.5 bands. Also, you need to have a minimum of 6.0 score in each of the sections of the exam if need be according to the institution of study. The minimum IELTS requirement for IT Carlow is an overall score of 6.0 with no section below 5.5. The least Postgraduate IELTS requirement in IT Carlow is therefore a compulsory one and every student needs to attain the minimum requirements.

IELTS Requirement for Institute of Technology Carlow is as follows:

  • IELTS Requirement for Institute of Technology Carlow - 6.0 with no section below 5.5

TOEFL Requirement for Institute of Technology Carlow

Coming to TOEFL, here you need to have a minimum score of 90 and for each individual section, the scores should be between 17 to 20. TOEFL requirements for Institute of Technology Carlow is similar for all the courses/ TOEFL tests your english skills in the sections of reading, writing, listening and speaking. You are evaluated on those basis. The minimum TOEFL scores for IT Carlow is therefore 90 and falling short in the english requirements will lead to only a conditional admit which doesn’t secure your admission.

TOEFL Requirement for Institute of Technology Carlow is as follows:

  • TOEFL Requirement for Institute of Technology Carlow - 90

PTE Requirement for Institute of Technology Carlow

PTE is another english language test that is undertaken by non native speakers of the english language to pursue their studies in Ireland. It also tests your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and you need to score the minimum PTE requirement for Institute of Technology Carlow to get an admit. The minimum PTE scores for IT Carlow is 58, but most of the major courses require a score of 59.

The minimum PTE Requirement for Institute of Technology Carlow is as follows:

  • PTE Requirement for Institute of Technology Carlow - 58

Undergraduate at Institute of Technology Carlow

It's a very challenging task picking the appropriate UG degree college & learning plan. We encourage you to traverse the opportunities offered by IT Carlow. We pride personally on our deep sense of alliance and superiority in college education & analysis. IT Carlow target all their efforts on your professional, personal, and educational accomplishment. We understand the influential and cooperative atmosphere presented by the dedicated professors, and other staff here will enable you to succeed to your highest caliber.

The IT Carlow undergraduate programs are connected to authentic job marketplace opportunities. We operate jointly with organizations to manage the pertinence and nature of the undergraduate programs of the Institute of Technology Carlow. It will guarantee you are at the forefront of forward-looking and fresh technologies, research, and knowledge.

Undergraduate courses in Institute of Technology Carlow

The Institute of Technology Carlow is a very well reputed institution for a wide range of courses including UG, PG, Doctoral, etc. After PG programs, the IT Carlow has achieved missive excellence in delivering quality-rich bachelor degree programs in a vast range of departments, such as College of Leadership and Social Change, College of Health and Wellness, College of Learning and Innovation, each one of which comprises multiple subdivisions.

Undergraduate Tuition Fee in IT Carlow for International Students

Since the fees of the various available UG programs in IT Carlow varies as per your preference, i.e., the discipline you choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in. In most of the cases, the bachelor’s programs tuition fee in IT Carlow is €10,250; the students have to pay this fee every year throughout the duration of the course. This fee is for the academic year 2018-19 (from September to May).

Undergraduate Entry Requirement for International Students in IT Carlow

Scholars must prove that they have attained a stage of learning in their nation of birth that is the corresponding of a High School Education with high-grade in a suitable language, math, and a minimum four other subjects.

The applicants must possess a minimum Undergraduate IELTS requirement in IT Carlow of 5.5 or equivalent.

Kindly mention that a few of the programs, like Family Studies and our Child Youth may also need the prerequisite of Recommendations. Other programs, like our Games & Design programs, require the necessity of a Portfolio. Scholars should investigate under the UG program information for specific entry specifications.

Research at Institute of Technology Carlow

Institute of Technology Carlow has a solid devotion to put entire their vigor on PG research & promoting inquiry dependent education during the whole program it offers. In the last few years, IT Carlow has presented massive investment in terms of planning, energy & resource to the advancement and development of its investigation venture and concentration. This is manifest in the new physical foundation (a five-thousand m2 purpose model analysis station) and from the up-to-date agile extension in the number of students at NFQ level 10 & level 9.

Estimates of enrolled scholars on research programs at NFQ Level 10 & Level 9 have expanded surprisingly in the most recent years. Besides, several, level 9 courses have been formed out of the research Centers & application development has been acquainted by the core concentration of the research and the lead educational institution or department. These Programs incorporate taught Postgraduate programs in:

  • Business and Innovation
  • Interaction Design
  • Applied Research and Innovation
  • Digital Media and Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Child, Youth & Family
  • Built Environment
  • Sports Performance Analysis and Conditioning & Strength

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