Masters in Bioinformatics in Ireland

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Highlights of Studying MSc in Bioinformatics in Ireland

  • Permanent Residence (PR) in just 2 years

  • 7,170 new jobs filled by 2018.

  • Jobs have an annual increase of 2.95 percent over the next few years.

  • The job demand has increased after the completion of the Human Genome Project.

  • 98% employability rate after course completion.

  • Entry Requirement is just 65% in your bachelor’s degree.

  • 2 years of post-study work permit

  • Bioinformatics in Ireland has 2.5 years of return on investment.

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Bioinformatics in Ireland

Introduction to Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a disciple relating to more than one field of knowledge that elaborates techniques and software devices for interpreting biological information. As a multidisciplinary domain of bioinformatics, science consolidates mathematics, statistics, computer science, and engineering to interpret and understand biological data.

Several biological studies appear in exponential measures of biological data; moreover, it turns tough to interpret them manually. This is the domain where Computer Science arrives at the accomplishment. Several computational approaches are employed to explain loads of biological data more precisely and efficiently through electronic methods. Henceforth, bioinformatics can be acknowledged as a data science domain for resolving issues associated with the field of medicine & Biology.

Bioinformatics is the deftness of collecting, recovering, and interpreting vast masses of biological data. It is a profoundly interdisciplinary discipline comprising various sorts of professionals, incorporating molecular life scientists, biologists, mathematicians & computer scientists.

The title bioinformatics was stricken by Ben Hesper & Paulien Hogeweg to define "the informatics study processes in biotic framework," and it obtained initial use when the primary biological progression data started to be received. While the fundamental interpretation approaches are yet significant to several broader-level analysis in the microscopic life sciences, now these days bioinformatics is contemplated to be a greatly unbiased field, embracing modeling & image interpretation in extension to the traditional approaches adopted for measuring linear progressions or 3-dimensional arrangements.

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Bioinformatics in Ireland for International Students

Bioinformatics is an excellent field of interest that students can opt for pursuing their master's degree programs. With the ever-rising standards of medical technology, the need for advanced machinery, tools, and experts to manage these instruments is at the peak. The basic requirements to sustain innovation is regularly elevating the standards of the education system; if a student gets adequate learning programs concerned to their respective discipline, then there is no barrier to stop them from reaching the success. This can be achieved through MSc in Bioinformatics in Ireland.

Ireland is the land of great opportunities for international students to build their career in bioinformatics, the scope of MSc in bioinformatics in Ireland is rapidly rising from the last decade and as a result, a broad range of highly reputed and top-ranked universities are divided into the ground to help the students get superior learning environment. Why Study bioinformatics in Ireland is no more a question mark, the past achievements of the universities here have proved their excellence and diversity in delivering quality education programs to the students from all across the globe. With the arrival of the so-termed bio-economy, there is the necessity to acquire the latest technologies & approaches for the adoption of biological stocks. That’s the place where biotechnology impersonates a significant role. It influences most commercial areas, from farming to manufacturing and medical sector. In this connection, Ireland has grown up to be a profoundly engaging place for financing in and advancement of the biotech division mostly due to 3 determinants:

  • Representative administration and standards
  • Globally accepted education programs
  • Advancing development & research excellence

B A majority of prominent biotechnology organizations are working in Limerick, Cork (Ringaskiddy & Little Island) and Dublin, comprising 9 of the top ten biopharmaceutical enterprises. Consequently, profoundly skilled & trained specialists are required continuously.

On average, there are 15-degree programs in biotechnology for the students who are willing to carry their UG or PG programs bioinformatics in Ireland for Indian students in the top universities and colleges.

Bioinformatics Curriculum in Ireland

The disciplines of computational biology & bioinformatics include the advancement and reinforcement of instruments to produce biological inventions. Bioinformatics is being proposed to high school candidates in biology courses. There is a wide range of graduate, Ph.D. & postgraduate level degree programs that encourage the student in respective discipline. Besides, a few students get admittance into the subject as a biologist who studies the approaches to use the devices or as computer engineers/ scientists who can create tools. A dependable framework in both computer science & biology is beneficial.

The Bioinformatics curriculum Ireland is updated as per the current edition by the ISCB Education commission recommends curriculum central competencies & guidelines. To Be precise, the statement manifests three general classifications of personages who acquire talents in bioinformatics.

Out of a wide range of career options, the Bioinformatics syllabus Ireland varies as per the degree program a student picks. The top course for Bioinformatics in Ireland is MSc in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

  • Bioinformatics investigators are biologists who manipulate computational approaches in practice to encourage the experimental perception of living systems.
  • The bioinformatics users access resources of information to execute job responsibilities in particular application regions. Board based analysts, both in the industry & in academia, present the ideal illustration of a bioinformatics user; however, this assortment is expanding in reach. For instance, medical specialists (e.g., genetic counselors & physicians) appropriate bioinformatics support in medical connections for treatment, diagnosis, and patient counseling.
  • Bioinformatics engineers build the unique computational approaches required by bioinformatics investigators & users. Therefore, an engineer in bioinformatics must have concentrations in statistical & computational sciences and must possess standard proficiency in biomedical physics.

Bioinformatics course content in Ireland varies as per the choice of subjects a student picks out of a wide range of available options. The best courses of MSc in Bioinformatics in Ireland is as follows:

List of Universities for Bioinformatics in Ireland

Courses for Masters in Bioinformatics in Ireland

University College Cork MSc in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Top Ranked Bioinformatics Universities in Ireland

The most challenging task for any of the students after the completion of a graduate degree is finding a satisfactory job, and another is to finalize an institution to pursue their postgraduate degree programs. It's quite well if you get employment that is sufficient to satisfy and fulfill all your basic needs, but in case you are willing to get a masters degree in your preferred domain, then you must be very wise while picking up the one. At all times, the actual scenario of the university is totally different from what it is visible to the open world. The truth comes to the front while pursuing the degree programs from that specific university, so it’s better to have in-depth research of the university in which you are planning to get enrolled.

Many of the times students find it difficult to find colleges for MSc in bioinformatics in Ireland, to help the students with this; we are here with a list of top reputed universities in Ireland for MS in bioinformatics.

The list of universities for Masters in Bioinformatics in Ireland is as follows:

  • University College Cork

Entry Requirement for Bioinformatics in Ireland

To get enrolled in the postgraduate degree programs in Bioinformatics in Ireland, the applicant must have to qualify the essential eligibility criteria. The entry requirement for MSc in Bioinformatics in Ireland depends on the university and the colleges. It is evident that to get admission in postgraduate courses; the candidates will have to score the minimum qualifying marks in their bachelor degree course. Along with they have to maintain an overall percentage of the score in the core subjects of discipline you are planning to choose for your master's degree program.

Applicants for the degree program of MSc or Ph.D. by research should possess a high honors criterion (at least H2.2 [or comparable global qualification] for a masters degree) at the exam for the primitive degree program or impersonated such other testimony as will delight the Head of Institution & the University of their wellness and fitness.

Just qualifying the minimum criteria will not serve you the best of what other benefits a student can access from the well-established universities of Ireland. Apart from Academics, English proficiency, the students who are good in sports and other extracurricular activities grants the students a great platform to explore their talent and skills and drive a way to make their career in that specific field.

The entry requirement for Masters in Bioinformatics in Ireland is given below:

List of Universities for Bioinformatics in Ireland

Entry Requirement for Masters in Bioinformatics in Ireland (Percentage or CGPA)

University College Cork 65% or 6.5 CGPA

English Language Requirements for Bioinformatics in Ireland

Apart from the academic qualifications, the candidates will have to prove their proficiency in the English language. As the degree programs in the universities of Ireland is processed in English, so only candidates with good command over English are allowed to apply for admission here. There are a lot of English proficiency tests, such as TOEFL, IELTS and PTE. The candidates will have to show the scorecard of these exams and those who achieved the minimum qualification marks will be enrolled. The candidates who are weak in English, even if they scored well in their academic will not be permitted to get enrolled in the Ireland universities. All the students are suggested to focus on their English also, just scoring good in academic is not sufficient to let your dreams come true if you are planning to study aboard. English scores for Masters in Bioinformatics in Ireland is therefore a mandatory requirement. Below is the English requirement for MSc in Bioinformatics in Ireland.



IELTS 6.5 with no section below 6
PTE 63

IELTS Requirement for Bioinformatics in Ireland

The applicants must have scored a minimum of 6.5, with the least marks in each section of 6.0. This is the mandatory IELTS requirement for MSc in Bioinformatics in Ireland. It tests your skill in reading, writing, listening and speaking and grades you on a scale of 10 points.

You must attain the minimum IELTS score for masters in Bioinformatics in Ireland. The following is the list of the basic IELTS scores for MSc in Bioinformatics in Ireland.

List of Universities for Bioinformatics in Ireland

IELTS Requirement for Masters in Bioinformatics in Ireland

University College Cork 6.5 with no section below 6

TOEFL Requirement for Bioinformatics in Ireland

The minimum score required is 90 in the online test. The TOEFL requirement for Msc in Bioinformatics in Ireland is a mandatory one as you will not be getting an unconditional admit without it. The test grades your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The minimum TOEFL scores for Masters in Bioinformatics in Ireland depends on which university you would opt to study.

The following is the TOEFL scores for Masters in Bioinformatics in Ireland.

List of Universities for Bioinformatics in Ireland

TOEFL Requirement for Masters in Bioinformatics in Ireland

University College Cork 90 (20 in listening & writing, 19 in reading & 21 in speaking)

PTE Requirement for Bioinformatics in Ireland

PTE Requirement for MSc in Bioinformatics in Ireland depend on which university you will be studying in. Just like IELTS and TOEFL, PTE tests your writing, speaking, reading and listening skills and you are graded accordingly. You need to attain the minimum PTE scores for Bioinformatics in Ireland to be eligible for the course in the specific university of study. The following is the PTE scores for MSc in Bioinformatics in Ireland.

List of Universities for Bioinformatics in Ireland

PTE Requirement for Masters in Bioinformatics in Ireland

University College Cork 63 with no section below 59

Cost of Masters in Bioinformatics in Ireland

If we look at the overall cost of the master's degree program in Bioinformatics in Ireland, then we have to cover the tuition fee, living expenses, accommodation, personal expenses, and other miscellaneous charges. Let's have a look at all, one by one.
The tuition fee of Postgraduate degree in Bioinformatics in Ireland

  • For non-EU scholars, the Bioinformatics in Ireland cost ranges from 4,000 to 31,000 Euros
  • For EU students, the Bioinformatics course fee in Ireland varies from 3,800 to 21,000 Euros. 

For post graduation, the tuition fee for Masters in Bioinformatics in Ireland is €18,000.

After making your mind clear about what to expect, the students should need to be aware of the average living expenses in Ireland:

  • In Cork: Ranges from 860 to 1,400 Euros every month
  • In Dublin: Ranges from 1100 to 1,800 Euros every month
  • In Galway: Ranges from 800 to Euros every month

Apart from the tuition fee and living expenses, the average accommodation cost in Ireland ranges from 5000 to 8000 Euros every year.

Below is the list that provides the tuition fee for MSc in Bioinformatics in Ireland.

List of Universities for Bioinformatics in IrelandX

Tuition Fee for Bioinformatics in Ireland

University College Cork € 18,000

Job opportunities in Ireland after Masters in Bioinformatics

With the gradual rise in the scope of bioinformatics, its demand is rising, and it is becoming the center of attraction for the organizations, business sectors, and industries. The fundamental need to stay ahead with the advancements is by enhancing the knowledge, skill set, and education system.

The universities in Ireland profoundly understand the need for a proper education system and adequate strategy that's why from the beginning only, the Ireland universities aim at strengthening the base of students from the days of a college education only.

The universities of Ireland are opening the doors of great job opportunities after MS in Bioinformatics in Ireland for the candidates who are planning to make their career in the medical field. The technology standards in the medical field have no boundaries, the candidates can explore it to their maximum extent, but for all these, they have to pursue their master's degree from a well reputed and recognized university.

It's not like that the job opportunities for the students pursuing their master's degree from Ireland are limited to this country only, all size organizations around the globe appreciate the degree programs completed from Ireland. In fact, the priority of the candidates from Ireland is higher in terms of employment as compared to applicants from other countries.

Bioinformatics Companies in Ireland

In the last few years, a significant expansion has been noticed in the field of Bioinformatics. No matter it is the education sector or the industrial sector, the technology standard has raised the need for higher accuracy and precision in practice to receive superior outcomes. With the ever-rising standards of education, the global organizations are also diving into the land of Ireland; they are very well aware of the fact that the education system of Ireland is too secure and standardized that the students after passing the postgraduate degrees will acquire an exceptional skill set. To get benefitted from this skill set the Top Bioinformatics companies in Ireland are stepping ahead to hire these students by driving the on-campus drives into the universities.

With the gradually rising standards of the education system in Ireland, the expansion of employers, organizations, industries are climbing, which eventually makes the students available will great career opportunities and the increased chances of employment.

Average Salary in Ireland after Masters in Bioinformatics

The salary range has no limits for the students who have the caliber to make a difference in the existing standards of technology. Bioinformatics salary in Ireland after the completion of master’s degree ranges from 75000 to 85000 Euros every month. The average salary range of a candidate is determined based on the designation on which he/ she is recruited and also on the expertise and knowledge they have.

It's not like that the job opportunities for the students pursuing a masters program in Ireland is limited to this nation only; these degree programs are expressly accepted by the top rated organizations around the globe. No matter which country a candidate belongs, they are free to work in Ireland as well as in their own country or anywhere else around the globe. The postgraduate programs pursued from the top-rated universities add value to the student's resume and a wide range of extracurricular activities, games and sports open up the doors of other opportunities apart from that of their primary domain of expertise, this eventually increases the bioinformatics postgraduate salary Ireland.

Professional Associations Related to Bioinformatics in Ireland

It's not sufficient to have a wide range of top rated universities to carry the education programs and industries to provide job opportunities to these students after the completion of their degree programs. The most important thing is the professional association that decides the subjects, matters, and disciplines to be taught to the students and settling criteria for the students to be eligible for sitting in the recruitment drive of these industries.

The universities of Ireland collaborate with a broad range of professional associations from Ireland as well as from countries around the globe. They all are funding to these universities and students in the form of various scholarship schemes with a hope that these students will be going to support the global organizations in augmenting the standards of technology.

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