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Top IT compaines

Top Manufacturing compaines

Ireland is one of the most attractive countries for Foreign Directive Investment worldwide. The country has strong indigenous industries apart from a robust foreign owned MNC sector. Irish companies such as CRH, Smurfit Kappa, DCC, Glen Dimplex, Paddy Power, Greencore, Kingspan hold their own on the world stage.

Over 1000 FDI giants such as Google, Paypal, HP, Apple, Facebook, IBM, have made Ireland their hub for operations in the European zone. Those companies that are in search of highly skilled, qualified and talented workers choose Ireland as to set up their business. Even during the worst years of recession, Google and PayPal not only retained their existing workforce but also increased the number of employees. Ireland is often used as a bridgehead for most MNCS in the European zone.

There are massive opportunities for IT, Business, Finance and Cloud mapping. With proper qualifications and sufficient experience, students (even foreigners) are more than likely to land in a job. Students are encouraged to plan much ahead and work towards their goal. Employers are willing to provide visa to deserving candidates.

Statistically speaking, 9 of the top 10 global ICT companies and 8 out of the top 10 gaming have a strong base in Ireland. Fifteen out of the top 20 pharmaceuticals and medical device companies also reign in Ireland. More than half of the world's leading financial services firms also use Ireland as a bridgehead.

Prospective employers advice students to prepare themselves at least a year in advance for application and selection process through which, the ones that perform the best are handpicked for the jobs. Ireland remains an attractive spot for jobs and it is a well-known fact that there are far more jobs available than people in Ireland. Therefore, it depends upon the students' discretion to make the best out of the opportunities present to them.

Top Information Technology(IT) compaines in Ireland

IT Comapany

World Rank

Revenues (USD millions)


Apple 1 $215,639 123,000
Alphabet 5 $111,000 80,110
Microsoft 7 $89,900 124,000
Dell 11 $74,000 140,000
Facebook 10+ $40,653 25,105
Oracle 10+ $37,730 138,000
SAP 10+ $23,460 88,543
Vmware 10+ $7,920 19,900
Synopsys 10+ $2,725 12,590
Adobe 10+ $1,690 17,000

Top Communication compaines in Ireland

Communication Comapany



Maxim Integrated Products $2,310 7,216
Eircom $1,265 3,437
Vodafone $47,631 111,556
Avaya International $3,270 8,700
BT $32,340 106,400
LinkedIn $3,000 9,732
Virgin Media $5,510 14,004
CommScope $4,560 20,000
Independent News & Media (INM) $376,220 Approx. 1,000

Top Manufacturing compaines in Ireland

Manufacturing Comapany

Revenues (USD millions)


Eaton Corp $20,400 96,000
Medtronic $29,710 91,000
Ingersoll Rand $13,300 52,000
Smurfit Kappa $10,107 45,000
Greencore $3,117 15,800
Glen Dimplex $1,770 8,500
Kellogg's $14,792 33,577
Sandvik $10,470 42,858
PCH International $1,000 604

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