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Planning to Study in Ireland? GoIreland is India’s most trusted Ireland education consultancy that offers consulting services in Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi and all over India. As a trusted Ireland study consultancy, our aim is to serve students who are keen to study in Ireland. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best quality educational service and fulfil students' dreams.

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We can help you choose the perfect institution in Ireland that suits your career goals. With our expertise in Ireland admissions, getting you admit in the top universities will be really easy.

Trinity College Dublin Apply Now for Sept 2022

University College Dublin Apply Now for Sept 2022

University College Cork Apply Now for Sept 2022

National University of Ireland Galway / University of Galway Apply Now for Sept 2022

Dublin City University Apply Now for Sept 2022

University of Limerick Apply Now for Sept 2022

Maynooth University Apply Now for Sept 2022

Technological University Dublin Apply Now for Sept 2022

Munster Technological University, Cork

Munster Technological University, Kerry

Cork Institute of Technology (MTU)

Technological University of the Shannon Apply Now for Sept 2022

Atlantic Technological University Apply Now for Sept 2022

Dundalk Institute of Technology Apply Now for Jan 2023

Institute of Technology Tralee (MTU) Apply Now for Sept 2022

Athlone Institute of Technology (TUS)

Limerick Institute of Technology (TUS)

Letterkenny Institute of Technology (ATU) Apply Now for Sept 2022

Institute of Technology Sligo (ATU) Apply Now for Sept 2022

Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (ATU) Apply Now for Sept 2022

Institute of Technology Carlow Apply Now for Sept 2022

Waterford Institute of Technology Apply Now for Sept 2022

National College of Ireland Apply Now for Sept 2022

Dublin Business School Apply Now for Sept 2022

Dorset College Apply Now for Sept 2022

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Our premium services are skillfully designed for students who want us to take care of all the formal aspects of their application process. We eliminate the stress of paperwork and online application forms while making the entire process transparent and hassle-free... know more

Help you choose the best program & universities

Our highly skilled & qualified Ireland Education Consultants will evaluate your profile and help you choose the right program that fits you like a glove. Our consultants will save your precious time and make sure you find the perfect university that suits your profile. We will guide you to shortlist institutions and help you apply for the best course.

Statement of Purpose (SOP) Editing

Writing the SOP will probably be the trickiest part of applying to any institution. A good SOP requires a great deal of insight and understanding and institutions will judge you on those intricate aspects. We can help you write a good SOP that speaks of your purpose and get admit in the best universities in Ireland. Worry no more and talk to our consultant for a vibrant and an engaging SOP.

Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Editing

Irish universities are picky with LORs since it adds credibility to your profile. Our experts will draft a striking LOR based on your recommender’s inputs. We will make sure that your needs are met with credibility and precision.

Resume / Curriculum Vitae Editing

Resume/Curriculum Vitae is another important document for the application process which would be factual and perfectly reflect who you are. We ensure your resume stands out by accentuating your personal, academic and professional accomplishments.

Effortless application process & admit

Our experienced consultants will take care of the entire application process with all the necessary documents. We keep track of your application status and keep you informed regularly. Getting the admit letter for you will be an effortless task.

Educational loan assistance

We at GoIreland will also help you finance your studies through our partner financial institutions. Our experienced consultants will go through the profiles of all of your sponsors, and give you financial counseling in choosing the right education loan provider, preparing the necessary documents and acquiring the education loan.

Hassle-free Student Visa application and documentation

Our highly experienced student visa consultants have handled thousands of visa applications and we have an unparalleled record of 100% study visa approval with our personalized approach. We assist you in preparing all the requisite documents like cover letters, financial documents, academic documents, sponsor related documents and others to ensure a smooth visa process.

Travel and Accommodation

Convenience and affordability is our priority and we can help you with your travel and the subsequent accommodation during your course of study. We can find you the best flight and accommodation deals to suit your pocket and your needs.

Top Programs in Ireland

*Official University Representative* Reviews

  • Trinity has been working with GoIreland for over 4 years now and we are very impressed with their work style as well as comprehensive understanding of Ireland as a promising study destination. They have been recruiting good number of high quality students for us every year. However, their key strength is to recruit students for some of our most competitive and niche programmes. GoIreland is undoubtedly one of our most trusted and successful agent partners.

    Nilanjana Shihn,

    Regional Manager South Asia & Africa,

    Trinity College Dublin

  • NUI Galway has been working with GoIreland for a number of years now, and they are an integral part of our trusted agent network. GoIreland assists our students along their journey to studying at NUI Galway, from the initial inquiry by prospective students for information on which is the best study program to help them realise their dreams and reach their full potential, right through to the time they depart home to travel to Galway. It is very important to NUI Galway that we work with agencies that offer the best service to our students, and by working with GoIreland we believe students will be supported properly throughout the process. We would have no hesitation in recommending GoIreland to any students wishing to study at NUI Galway.

    Mr Dermott Henry,

    International Education Executive,

    National University of Ireland, Galway

  • While our association with GoIreland is relatively new, we can confidently say that our partnership with them for our recruitment efforts will be one for the long run. The team is extremely professional and diligent, and we are happy to support their growth plans for India and other markets.

    Vaidehi Garigapati,

    India Director,

    University College Cork

  • GoIreland has been a respected partner of Dublin City University for a number of years sending numerous high quality students to study at the institution. Additionally we have always found GoIreland staff to be professional and well trained, and GoIreland has always supported students along their journey from initial application to departing India. At DCU we are happy to consider GoIreland a trusted agent.

    Colum Cronin,

    Senior International Officer,

    Dublin City University

  • The University of Limerick (UL) has been working with GoIreland since 2019 and they form part of our trusted Indian Agent Network. UL would have be happy to recommend GoIreland to any Indian student with a desire to study in Ireland. The team of counsellors are very knowledgeable about the Irish education system and the programmes offered at each of the Irish Universities. UL is very pleased with the applications received from GoIreland and have a good working relationship with them.

    Amanda Noonam,

    International Recruitment Manager,

    University of Limerick

  • My name is Agnieszka Kasprzak. I am a Recruitment Officer for India/South Asia in the International Office of the Technological University Dublin (TUDublin). If you are looking for a professional education advisor I would highly recommend GoIreland. GoIreland has provided an ethical and professional service in their dealings with both students and our University. GoIreland has an extremely strong level of expertise in the Irish education sector and visa process. We have been impressed with the quality of students provided by the agency as well as the academic standards of applicants. Students coming through GoIreland have achieved results surpassing our hopes and most graduated with honours and found a path to their dreams jobs.

    Agnieszka Kasprzak,

    Regional Recruitment Officer,

    Technological University Dublin

  • Go Ireland team has been fantastic to work with! We have been impressed by their hard work and student focused approach. They have particularly shined in the conversion rate of students from the time an application is received to the arrival of students in Ireland. One of the best things about working with Go Ireland team is their caring and ethical approach to working with students supported by their market intelligence. The whole team has always been very warm and welcoming. I would recommend their services to anyone because they are attentive in their dealing with students, kind, and easy to work with!

    Binny Tangri,

    Country Advisor,

    Maynooth University

  • I have been working with GoIreland for almost three years now and I have found GoIreland and team to be very professional, efficient and effective. GoIreland represents LYIT very well and the team is very responsive in all aspects of their work with very clear and open channels of communication.

    Vikram Toki,

    South Asia Head,

    Atlantic Technological University

  • 'GoIreland' has been one of the best recent partnerships for NCI in terms of Irish focused recruitment. Their loyalty towards Ireland is something which has been extremely helpful for us and many other Irish Universities. They never cease to support us and It has been an immense growth for NCI after joining hands with them in terms of number. Very supportive teams all across the country and we are glad to be connected with them.

    Apeksha Singh,

    Regional Advisor - South Asia,

    National CoIlege of Ireland

  • It was an amazing experience working with GoIreland team. One of the hardest working team I ever came across. Not only that the counselors are very well trained and are well aware of every little things. They have full knowledge starting from course till visa. In simple words it's a team full of professional and knowledgeable people. All the very best for you future. I am extremely satisfied working with them.

    Sheetal Tawani,

    Country Head,

    Dundalk Institute of Technology

  • As the Head of Student & Agent Recruitment - South Asia for Dublin Business School, I have been associated with GoIreland for over 3 years now and let me just say they are the most simple & humble people I have ever worked with. I have seen their enormous growth over the years and it is only right to say it is all because of their immense hard work, dedication & honesty to their craft. Extremely courteous and easy to work with, it's their warmth that makes them one of the best consultants to promote education in Ireland. I would like to wish them all the very best to them for their future endeavours and would love to see them grow bigger and bigger with each passing day.

    Prasad Kholli,

    Head of Student & Agent Recruitment,

    Dublin Business School

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  • Master's degree is not something everyone can afford and not easy to decide on which one will be the best for us and which course would actually help us in the future

    Mariam Synthu

    University College Dublin, Ireland

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150+ Education Experts Online

FREE Expert Admission Guidance

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  • SOP & LOR Preparation
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150+ Education Experts Online

FREE Expert Admission Guidance

  • No Processing fee
  • Application fee waiver
  • €4000 Scholarship on admit
  • SOP & LOR Preparation
  • Education Loan
  • Visa Assistance

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