Masters in Design in Ireland

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Highlights of Studying MA in Design in Ireland

  • Permanent Residence (PR) in just 2 years

  • Design Sectors account for over 21% of total exports in Ireland at over €38bn.

  • Minimum overall IELTS score is just 6.0 for Design courses in Ireland.

  • 5 programs available from 3 top universities.

  • 98% employability rate after course completion.

  • Upto 50% Scholarships available.

  • 2 years of post-study work permit

  • Design in Ireland is part of Critical Skills Occupations List.

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Design in Ireland

A Brief Introduction about Design

Designing is yet another proficient course offered by world class institutes in Ireland. The design courses in Ireland range from creative designing to Visual arts and Communications and Design. The students who want to hone their skills of the inner artists and creative choose Ireland as a preferred destination to continue their passion for art and design.

Not only the traditional arts and design, but there are also various modern and contemporary designing courses in Ireland open for all the students. Every student who wishes to study design in Ireland has to go through a process. This process involves showcasing your portfolio, going through interviews and apprehending all the other formalities. A hardworking and dedicated student shall obtain that achievement level where they can create several opportunities for themselves and open many pathways to take their passion forward.

More specifically you can choose any of the Design courses in Ireland. These are architecture, art and design, craft design, fashion design, furniture design, graphic design, visual communication, product design, and whatnot. Masters in Design in Ireland is further complemented with various branches of Universities dedicated to a particular niche of designing. For instance, the University of Dublin offers 31 courses in Arts and Design segment. These courses span from Arts and Music to Archaeology. All in all, Ireland is gradually becoming the hub of education and attracts talent from all across the world.

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Design in Ireland for International Students

The major reason why foreign and international students prefer to study several courses in Ireland is its safe environment. In other countries are foreign students might have to face some trouble, but not here. The temperatures are always calm and the supportive demographic also add value to this country. That is why studying Design in Ireland is that first preference of many artists and creatives.

The scope of design in Ireland is such that every passed you the student will be able to endorse his own art and values through their work. Along with this, the scope of studying Design in the land of poets is:

  • All the arts and Design courses are internationally acclaimed, and people recognize the students and their work.
  • Once you are a part of the design curriculum in Ireland, you will learn from the best and study along with the best talent in the country.
  • You will learn new work techniques, and work tactics. This will further boost your creativity and hone your professional skills.
  • Learning design from the best colleges and institutions means that a student will be exposed to ancient and modern painting styles.
  • You will be perfect for working in an organization or become self-sufficient to a level where people will pay to see your work. 
  • Ireland boasts from a rich arts and craft heritage culture. In this scenario, every student studying design here will be able to learn the ancient techniques of creativity and become better than ever.

Each and every course in Ireland does only develop the student in a professional capacity. But these courses will also help you learn from the best artists. Modern art and design are not limited to canvas or just sculpting. There are courses which jumble various fields of art and craft with technology only to bring out new and innovative courses.

Design Curriculum in Ireland

The design syllabus in Ireland differs from University to University. But a general overview will take us through a general perspective of the areas and courses that are facilitated under this niche. There are sub-segments of the main courses which are run by the respective colleges. The major areas of study include:

  • Drawing
  • Image making
  • Image manipulation and Development
  • Lettering
  • Lettering and Image
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Basic Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Modeling
  • Casting
  • Fashion Design
  • Carving
  • Theatre Design
  • Calligraphy
  • Computer Graphics
  • Embroidery
  • Fabric Pri

The list is non-exhaustive. There are a plethora of other courses which are subtypes of one or the other main segment of the Design curriculum. Every college provides the students with the means and methods to learn and hone these skills. They present them with studio spaces, specific work areas and essential tools to work with. For technology related courses, there are labs and required software tools that are at the student's disposal. For Post Graduate courses the students will be exposed to the highest levels of learning and comprehending the complex levels of design making. A major highlight of the design syllabus in Ireland is represented by the Post-Graduate courses which take the student through an innovative learning experience. These Masters and Doctorate level courses can really test the mettle of the student. They will be able to develop analytical, critical and communicative abilities with respect to their field. They will become professionals in contemporary design practices and will gain the power to practice their own design. The top courses for Masters in Design in Ireland include MA in 3D Design, MA in Graphic Design Practice

The list of best courses for Masters in Design is:

List of Universities for Masters in Design in Ireland

Courses for MA in Design in Ireland

Technological University Dublin (Dublin) MA in 3D Design
Technological University Dublin (Dublin) MA in Graphic Design Practice
Technological University Dublin (Dublin) MA in Visual Communication
Maynooth University MSc in Design Innovation
Limerick Institute of Technology MA in Interdisciplinary Design Practice

Top Ranked Design Universities in Ireland

The top-ranked design Universities in Ireland offer courses from various niches. There are some top-notch institutes which specifically to the design studies. Other universities and colleges cater to a number of courses, out of which designing courses and degrees underscore just one department.

The reason why tech and other non-art based universities are heavily providing courses is due to the expanse of the technology and its interconnectedness with every field. These tech-based universities and colleges offer courses like MA in E-Learning Design, Bsc in Product Design, BA in Design (Interior and Furniture).

The list of Universities for Masters in Design is given below:

  • Technological University Dublin (Dublin)
  • Maynooth University
  • Limerick Institute of Technology

Entry Requirement for Design in Ireland

The entry requirements for Design in Ireland for international and foreign students is different from the resident or EU students. These conditions are set to make sure that the admitted students are at par with the EU and resident students. The foreign students need to have a specific level of English proficiency to gain admittance into any of the courses.

  • Every foreign student should have a second level of educational qualification that matches the second level of qualification required by Ireland students.
  • For admittance into the second, third or fourth level of design curriculum, the student has to produce the certificates of their previous college transcripts. Plus they also need to produce two letters of recommendation from the previous college.
  • There are certain requirements regarding English language proficiency as an entry requirement for MA in Design in Ireland.
  • More importantly, the art and design student entry requirement in Ireland also includes the submission of the portfolio. This portfolio will be assessed on different criteria. These are, creative inquiry and visual research, idea development, and critical judgment.
  • Along with this, the student also needs to show some other documents. These are Proof of funds, health insurance, copy of passport, Academic Resume, and Statement of Purpose.

Below is the Entry Requirement for Masters Design in Ireland

List of Universities for Masters in Design in Ireland

Entry Requirement for MA in Design in Ireland

Technological University Dublin (Dublin) 60% or 6.0 CGPA
Maynooth University 65% or 6.5 CGPA
Limerick Institute of Technology 60% or 6.0 CGPA

English Language requirements for Design in Ireland

English is the main language spoken in Ireland. There are some areas where people would speak Irish. But, for educational and other official purposes, English is the only language that is prevalent all throughout the country. This also means that every student wanting to study there needs to fulfill the English requirements for Design in Ireland. These requirements are based on some proficiency level tests. English requirements for MA in Design depends on the universities.

Below is the minimum English Requirements for Masters in Design in Ireland



IELTS 6.5 with no section below 5.5
PTE 61

IELTS Requirement for Masters in Design in Ireland

IELTS is one of the main examinations which is applicable almost all over the globe. You need to obtain a total of 6.0 in score in this exam overall as it is the minimum IELTS requirement for MA in Design in Ireland. Also, for each respective area of the exam, the minimum score is 5.5 bands.

Below is the minimum IELTS score for Masters in Design in Ireland

List of Universities for Masters in Design in Ireland

IELTS Requirement for MA in Design in Ireland

Technological University Dublin (Dublin) 6.0 with no section below 5.5
Maynooth University 6.5 with no section below 5.5
Limerick Institute of Technology 6.0 with no section below 5.5

TOEFL Requirement for Masters in Design in Ireland

TOEFL is administered by Princeton University and is also applicable all over the globe. There are two versions of the TOEFL. With the internet based online (TOEFL iBT) test, the student needs to obtain a minimum of 79 marks. Also, in each respective area, the minimum score is likely to be considered depending on the university. The minimum TOEFL requirements for MA in Design in Ireland are to be carefully taken into consideration.

Below is the minimum TOEFL score for Masters in Design in Ireland

List of Universities for Masters in Design in Ireland

TOEFL Requirement for MA in Design in Ireland

Technological University Dublin (Dublin) 92
Maynooth University 95
Limerick Institute of Technology 79

PTE Requirement for Masters in Design in Ireland

PTE scores for MA in Design is at least 62 marks are needed for this test and in no section, the student should have less than 59 marks. The minimum PTE requirement for MA in Design should therefore be looked into as there are subtle changes in accordance to the universities and colleges.

Below is the minimum PTE score for Masters in Design in Ireland

List of Universities for Masters in Design in Ireland

PTE Requirement for MA in Design in Ireland

Technological University Dublin (Dublin) 62
Maynooth University 62
Limerick Institute of Technology 59

Cost of Design in Ireland

If you are a non-EU student then there are several costs involved when you are looking to study in one of the most beautiful and high potential countries in the world. The total costs include not only tuition fees but also involve the living expenses in Ireland.

First, there are undergraduate design courses in Ireland. These are the basic level courses which train and develop a student to understand and work with higher levels of designing. These courses are provided by various colleges and universities. As for the cost, there is a range to give you an idea. The cost lies between €9750 to €22,000. Learning design in Ireland will help you comprehend all the important

Coming to the Post Graduate Courses, These are the next level courses which will take you through a complex and nuanced journey of learning and implementing design in various fields. To give you an idea of the cost of Design in Ireland different colleges it lies in between €9750 to €22,000.

The tuition fee for Masters in Design in Ireland is given below:

List of Universities for Masters in Design in Ireland

Tuition Fee for MA in Design in Ireland

Technological University Dublin (Dublin) €11,500
Maynooth University €15,000
Limerick Institute of Technology €11,250

Scholarship for Design in Ireland

The main purpose of providing scholarships for Design in Ireland is to bring out the best talent. Also, Ireland has seen a great influx of students from the international community into the country. This is due to a great culture, a welcoming environment and most importantly, the growth potential. Seeing to this increasing trend of students studying Design in Ireland, the government, various universities, and private organizations provide scholarships. The best of these are:

  • Government of Ireland Scholarship: This scholarship is available to students coming from India, Brazil, China, and the USA. Every year the government provides benefits to 60 candidates. The government will pay for the whole amount of tuition fee and also provide €10,000 as a yearly stipend.
  • Irish Research Council Scholarships: specifically kept for research scholars and those who are studying in doctoral levels. This scholarship is open for both foreign and local students.
  • Trinity College Dublin: This specific college offers scholarships in various disciplines. Some of them are specific to certain courses and students while others are open for students from every discipline. These offered scholarships are renewable and depend on your academic record.
  • University College Dublin: Another set of scholarships are offered by this college from various disciplines. These are merit-based scholarships and some of them even have the benefit of paying your whole tuition fees. Also, they can be renewed if you maintain a good academic record.

Below is the list of scholarships for Masters in Design in Ireland

  • 50% Tuition Fee Waiver - Centenary Scholarship Programme
  • €5,000 - Taught Masters Alumni Scholarships
  • €2,000 - Taught Master's Scholarships

Average Salary in Ireland after Masters in Design:

The pay scale for every group of the Design industry is different than one another. Also, most of the design enthusiasts like sculpture or a painter wish to work solo. For others, who are looking to work professionally as a graphic designer or an interior designer the Pay scale depends on your skills and expertise.

On average, the Design Engineer in Ireland will bag €35,000 per year. This is after you have accomplished your Masters in Design in Ireland. Apart from this, with other job roles which are obtained after completing a Bachelor's in design in Ireland, the average pay is €25,000/year.

Job Opportunities in Ireland after Masters in Design:

The art and design is a creative niche. With time there is a fear of redundancy in some job roles, where machines can take over. But a machine taking over creativity is a distant dream which is next to impossible. Hence, there are a lot of job opportunities in Design after Masters in Design. Some of the job roles after studying masters in Design in Ireland are:

  • Graphic Design: The main role of a graphic designer is captivating. This can be by attracting customers with amazing design or creating a canvas that will amaze everybody. A graphic designer has to do some intricate work and this job role is amazingly rewarding seeing to the idea that it is a job full of creativity.
  • Creative Web Designer: A creative web designer has to use all the necessary skills and expertise to create a webpage. The Web World is the pit stop of every individual to perform everyday life tasks. And a web designer has to create innovative and attractive web pages that will entice the visitor.
  • Furniture Design: A furniture designer is a part of interior designing and the person responsible for this job has to create the perfect office or home design. These types of jobs again recall the creative side of a person and are well paid.

Now, looking at the courses you will realize that all the design courses in Ireland train you to hone your creative side and develop the best design there is. Be it a graphic designer or an ad maker or even a painter, designing is a part and parcel of our lives. There is always a need for creative designers and painters in the industry.

Design Companies in Ireland:

Ireland is a creative hub and it has several world-class design companies which are looking for creative talent. All these design companies in Ireland will help you use all your skills in developing amazing and interactive designs.

  • Equator Design
  • One Different
  • The Creative Works
  • Design Mind
  • BrandLogik
  • Danielle Townsend Design
  • New Castle Design Ireland
  • Design Yard

Professional Associations Related to Design in Ireland:

  • Institute of Designers in Ireland
  • The Interiors Association
  • Interior Design Academy of Ireland
  • Irish Society of Stage and Screen Designers
  • Design and Crafts Council of Ireland
  • Council of Irish Fashion Designers
  • The Royal Society of the Architects of Ireland

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