Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin)

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Highlights of Studying in Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin)

  • A continuous unbroken history stretching back to 1887.

  • Expert Counselling by our experienced counsellors

  • CGPA as low as 6.0 accepted for post graduate programmes.

  • Simple and hassle-free application process.

  • As many as 70 Postgraduate courses available.

  • IELTS requirement is just an overall score of 6.0.

  • TU Dublin is a globally engaged, comprehensive, research-informed university.

Technological University Dublin

Technological University Dublin or TU Dublin is an institution which is recently established on 1st January 2019 designed to take over the functions of the three preceding universities. Formed through the consolidation of three previous institutes of technology – Dublin Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown and Institute of Technology, Tallaght – TU Dublin currently stands as the second largest university in Ireland in terms of the student population. Presently, it's called home by over 28,500 students and more than 3,000 academic staff.

The institution, consequently, has an unbroken history in terms of delivering education which stretches back to 1887, the year that marks the very start of technical education in Ireland with the initial university – City of Dublin Technical Schools – essentially acting as a forefather to the Technological University London which stands as a proud institution today. The main campus for the university which is formed from the merger of the three preceding reputable institutions will be located in Grangegorman. That being said, its existing campuses at Tallaght and Blanchardstown will be kept operational. With the appointment of a new Dean, while the university seems to be a fresh start in the journey of technical education in Ireland, TU Dublin sure builds quite evidently and beneficially on the foundation of the architecture that can be found in its history.

Why study at Technological University Dublin?

TU Dublin has a longstanding history of technical education in Ireland which dates back to 1887 and this has resulted in vast precedence of delivering academically thorough and professional trained scholars whose skills are well recognised and respected within the industry. This fusion of tradition alongside newly reformulated modern principles allows Technological University Dublin to stand proudly at the crossroads of education and proclaim ownership over scholars who’re academically trained and also industrially relevant. The public funding that the university gains, alongside its position as a part of the European University Association, allows TU Dublin to offer an extensive range of bachelors and masters programmes suiting the needs of the students and the industry. Furthermore, its research output at Masters and PhD level has easily granted it the status of one of the most innovative universities in all of Ireland.

  • The second-largest student body in Ireland with 20,000 students of which 5% of students are international.
  • All of TU Dublin’s degrees are recognised internationally. As a doctorate-awarding institution, Technological University Dublin is acclaimed for its research output in various fields including Applied Arts and Tourism, Business and Finance, Engineering and the Built Environment, Sciences and Health.
  • Currently ranked 601 out of 18,000 recorded institutions worldwide according to QS Top University Rankings.
  • According to the Times Higher Education league table, TU Dublin is ranked among the top 100 academically prestigious institutes of higher education under the age of 50.

Technological University Dublin Ranking

Technological University Dublin ranking presently relies primarily on the research output and infrastructure available on the campuses of its preceding constituent universities. Consequently, it can be well presumed that the university, enjoying economies of scale, is likely to climb through the ranks while utilising the consolidated resources which will now be available to it. Presently though, purely for referential and inferential purposes, TU Dublin is ranked 601st on theQS Top University Rankings as mentioned previously. Furthermore, Technological University Dublin world ranking when it comes to the Times Higher Education League table comes among the top 100 institutions of higher education under the age of 50. These statistics recognise the academic pedigree of the programmes that the university has to offer including undergraduate courses and research-oriented master’s programmes.

Postgraduate at Technological University Dublin

One of the prized features about the master’s degree in Technological University Dublin is that they’re highly relevant. Masters programs in Technological University Dublin are designed and updated through regular interaction with key players within operational industries in Dublin which allow the learnings and teachings in the institution to be based on real-world patterns and trends. Currently, the university offers over 300 different programmes to its students across its 4 colleges and incorporating 25 different schools, Technological University Dublin postgraduate courses comprise several specialised programmes as well. These features make Technological University Dublin graduate programs stand out for students wishing to take their professional and academic pursuits a step further.

Furthermore, another key characteristic of Technological University Dublin masters courses is their constant strive to improve. Teaching and learning methodology is constantly updated in order to keep up with current research and trends. Moreover, teachers are frequently recommended through training in various relevant courses in attempts to further their capabilities. Courses that are often recommended for teachers include Academic Communication, New Technologies, Promoting Student Engagement and Enhancing Academic Practice. The institution also boasts a student to class ratio of 35 students which allows classes to be highly dedicated, focused and student-centric.

All these key traits about learning and postgraduate programmes at the TU Dublin ensure that you receive an edge in the employment market at the end of your education.

List of Postgraduate courses in Technological University Dublin

In order to ensure that it sticks true to all the claims and propositions stated above, Technological University Dublin offers a great variety of programme choices to its students ensuring that they’re suited to both student interests and also job profiles currently demanded by the market. This commitment to industry placement and relevance in the job market ensures that graduates are successful in whichever field they choose to pursue.

The following is the list of courses in TU Dublin:

  • MBS in Accounting (International)
  • MSc in Accounting
  • MA in Interior Design
  • Master of Architecture
  • ME in Sustainable Infrastructure
  • MSc in Distributed and Mobile Computing
  • MSc in Computing (Applied) for Technologists
  • MSc in Computing in Applied Cyber Security
  • MSc in Real Estate
  • MSc in Computing (Data Analytics)
  • MA in 3D Design
  • MA in Graphic Design Practice
  • MA in Visual Communication
  • MSc in Digital Marketing
  • MSc in Creative Digital Media
  • MSc in Creative Digital Media - Digital Games
  • MSc in Creative Digital Media - Information Design
  • MSc in Digital Games
  • Masters of Engineering in Electronic Engineering (Electronic Systems Design)
  • MSc in Electronic and Communications Engineering
  • ME in Sustainable Electrical Energy Systems
  • MSc in Energy Management
  • MSc in Business & Entrepreneurship
  • MSc in Finance
  • MSc in Banking & Finance (International)
  • MSc in Culinary Innovation and Food Product Development
  • MSc in Food Safety Management
  • MSc in Geographic Information Science
  • MSc in Geospatial Engineering
  • MSc in Hospitality Management
  • MSc in Tourism Management
  • MSc in Strategic Management - Human Resources Management
  • MSc in Information Technology Management
  • MSc in Business (International)
  • MA in Journalism
  • MA in Law (Professional)
  • Master of Business
  • MSc in Advertising (Creative Stream)
  • MSc in Advertising (Executive Stream)
  • MSc in Marketing
  • MSc in Strategic Management - Marketing
  • Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
  • ME in Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance & Biotechnology
  • MA in Public Relations
  • MBS in Retail Management
  • MSc in Software Development (Advanced)
  • MSc in Computing (Advanced Software Development)
  • MSc in Strategic Management
  • MSc in Strategic Management - Financial Services
  • MSc in Strategic Management - Innovation
  • MSc in Strategic Management - Retail Management
  • MSc in Supply Chain Management
  • MSc in Strategic Management - Supply Chain Management
  • MSc in Technology and Innovation Management
  • MSc in Creative Digital Media - Interaction Design
  • MSc in Creative Digital Media - Mobile and Tablet Application Design
  • MSc in Creative Digital Media - Mobile and Web Applications
  • MA in Child, Family and Community Studies
  • MA in Criminology
  • MA in Fine Art
  • MA in Public Affairs and Political Communication
  • MA in Visual and Critical Studies
  • MMus in Music (Conducting)
  • MMus in Music (Performance)
  • MSc in Applied Mathematics
  • MSc in Environmental Health & Safety
  • MSc in Fashion Buying & Management
  • MSc in Local Development and Innovation
  • MSc in Sustainable Development

Postgraduate tuition fee in Technological University Dublin for international students

Determining your master’s degree course fee in Technological University Dublin comes down to various factors. These include primarily your fee paying status as a domestic student, student from a country in the European Economic Area or an international/non-EU student; your postgraduate course of choice; and whether you’d be attending university as a full-time student or a part-time student.

The master's programs tuition fee in Technological University Dublin for a full-time student usually an average cost of 11,500 Euros depending on your course. Conversely, part-time students usually attend for an extended period of time which is around two years for most courses and their postgraduate tuition fee in Technological University Dublin ranges from €3,000 to €6,000 on an average. However, these figures are rough estimates of your costs and only incorporate tuition fees. Others costs, including student contribution, accommodation and living charges are additional burdens during your study at TU Dublin in Ireland. More about university fees can be found here.

The average Tuition fee in TU Dublin is given below:

  • Tuition Fee for Technological University Dublin: €11,500

The postgraduate entry requirement for international students in Technological University Dublin

Studying at TU Dublin would be academically demanding and consequently, the university asks for quite a high standard of academic performance from its students who wish to enrol in a postgraduate programme. Admission is usually granted on the basis of their performance at the bachelor's level and students need to ensure that they fulfil the postgraduate IELTS requirement in Technological University Dublin. Others ways to fulfil the postgraduate English requirement in Technological University Dublin include completing either the postgraduate PTE requirement or the postgraduate TOEFL requirement in Technological University Dublin. Entry requirements generally differ across programmes but guidelines for most courses are detailed below:

  • Students who score 70% or more in their bachelor’s degree either in engineering, science, arts or commerce are more likely to get into. Another important criterion is the number of arrears or backlogs that you may have. Usually, Technological University Dublin gives admission to students with less than 5 arrears.
  • Candidates with relevant work experience may have an added advantage.

The entry requirement in TU Dublin is:

  • Entry Requirement for Technological University Dublin (Percentage or CGPA): 60% or 6.0 CGPA

IELTS Requirement for Technological University Dublin

IELTS score for Technological University Dublin ranges from 6.5 to 7.5 (depending on programme) with no section below 6.0.

The minimum IELTS Requirement for Technological University Dublin is as follows:

  • IELTS Requirement for Technological University Dublin: 6.0 with no section below 5.5

TOEFL Requirement for Technological University Dublin

Students, for whom English is not their primary language, should prove their English proficiency. The minimum TOEFL score for Technological University Dublin is 92.

The minimum TOEFL Requirement for Technological University Dublin is as follows:

  • TOEFL Requirement for Technological University Dublin: 92

PTE Requirement for Technological University Dublin

The minimum PTE score for Technological University Dublin is 62, with no section score below 59. It tests your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

PTE Requirement for Technological University Dublin is as follows:

  • PTE Requirement for Technological University Dublin: 62

Undergraduate at Technological University Dublin

Alongside its strenuous and research-oriented programmes, there are several bachelor’s programs in Technological University Dublin which are available to high performing students as well. Technological University Dublin bachelor courses are academically inclined and look to develop flexible graduates with skill sets which can be adapted to most relevant industries and professions while also leaving scope for specialisation in the students' avenues of interest. All international students who wish to pursue Technological University Dublin undergraduate courses receive dedicated support during the duration of their study. This comes in the form of an International Student Experience Officer and also accompanying student support services in order to help them personally as well as professionally down the line after completing their study at Technological University Dublin.

Furthermore, the institution, located at the very heart of the city, is but a stone’s throw away from various entertainment venues, cultural hotspots, amenities and cultural displays. Studying at an economically concentrated area of the country delivers opportunities which are simply unparalleled and Technological University undergraduate programs allow students to gain the expertise and skill sets required to harness such opportunities.

Undergraduate courses in Technological University Dublin

There is a wide variety of undergraduate courses which are available for study to students at TU Dublin. These are geared towards the provision of professionally relevant and academically demanding education and catering to the whole assortment of interests that are increasingly arising with an ever globalising economy.

Undergraduate tuition fee in Technological University Dublin for international students

Bachelor’s degree course fee in Technological University Dublin is contingent on various factors, akin to the fee structure elaborated for postgraduate course fee above. These factors that influence bachelors programs tuition fee in Technological University Dublin include the area of study that the student wishes to pursue and their fee-paying status. Ireland also offers part-time study at the undergraduate level which will also influence the undergraduate tuition fee in Technological University Dublin. It's generally the case that part-time undergraduate tuition fees are much more tentative and subject to change year-on-year in comparison to full-time tuition fees. Compared to other universities, the public nature of TU Dublin allows it to keep its programme tuition fee down.

While these should be considered rough estimates and instead details for the purposes of financial planning should be collected from here, the figures below should illustrate the approximate cost of studying for an undergraduate degree at Technological University Dublin. For most programmes, the tuition fee ranges from €800 to €1,500 per annum for full-time students. Part-time students have a decreased number of programmes that they can attend and moreover their yearly fees rise with most programmes costing €1,000 per annum on an average.

Undergraduate entry requirement for international students

Technological University Dublin is an academically rigorous university and entry requirements are put in place to ensure that students entering the university are able to keep up with the demanding programme. Furthermore, international students also have to display competency in the medium of communication for the course which is English and this can be demonstrated via fulfilling the undergraduate IELTS requirement in Technological University Dublin. However, other English proficiency tests in place of IELTS would also work fine. Entry requirements for TU Dublin also differ according to the course and hence one should only look at the details below for referential purposes.

  • A school leaving certificate
  • Candidates with relevant work experience may have an added advantage.

Students, for whom English is not their primary language, should prove their English proficiency through minimum TOEFL score of 92, IELTS score of 6.0 with no section below 6.0or PTE score of 62, with no section score below 59.

Research at Technological University Dublin

PhD in Technological University Dublin or postgraduate research is a well-funded enterprise and is actively supported via various programmes, schemes and intake of relevant experts and thesis mentors. The programme is specially curated to the development of various specialist and transversal skills which can be applied in a range of academic environments and industries. Specialisations for doctorate students are complex, insightful and diverse nature in order to cater to the interest avenues that students are likely to have in the socioeconomic climate prevalent today. There are 4 primary skills or elements comprising doctorate research or PhD in Technological University Dublin. These include Original Research, Research Plans, Transversal skills, Discipline skills. Graduate students are consequently required to conduct interdisciplinary research in the pursuit, fulfilment and acquisition of such a relevant skill set. Other professional qualities that graduates develop include Information Retrieval, Research Integrity, Research Methods, Project Management and Work-Based Learning.

Technological University Dublin Scholarships for international students

It may seem that the academically intensive and professionally influential education which TU Dublin has to offer may not be for you because of financial reasons but there’s a good chance that you’d be wrong. There’s a range of Technological University Dublin international scholarships which the institution has to offer in order to allow you to attain the learning of your dreams and excel beyond any measure you thought possible.

Scholarships are provided with both for undergraduate and postgraduate levels and are usually based on merit and hence contingent to your relevant academic performance. More about scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students can be found here. To learn about scholarships which are available for postgraduate students, relevant details can be found here.

List of scholarships in Technological University Dublin for international students

While there are various scholarships which can allow you to attain your dream education at Technological University Dublin, these listed below, in particular, are especially ones that you need to check out.

The list of scholarships in Technology University Dublin is given below:

  • 50% Tuition Fee Waiver Centenary Scholarship Programme
  • €22,000 - Postgraduate Fellowships: The Walsh Fellowship

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