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Expenses are a major concern for all of us and it is even more for those who are going to settle in a place away from home. Studying in a different town makes us panic about the cost of living, just imagine about going to another country! Rent, food and travel are the usual things we consider while thinking about expenses. But there are many more that we need to list out and make sure that we may able to manage.

You will get an idea about the things that you will need to spend and the one-time investments that you need not worry about, later on. Making sure that you have sufficient funds to cover your costs of living is really important before deciding to study in Ireland. Precisely how much you would need will vary depending on the type of accommodation you choose, where you are studying in Ireland and your personal lifestyle.

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Cost of Living in Ireland


Approximate Cost of Living per month

Off-Campus, shared apartment (3 - 4 sharing) €150 - 250
Food €175 - 250
Travel (Monthly Short Hop ticket) €75 - 132
Electricity/Gas/Internet/Mobile €50
Social life/Entertainment/Misc €100
Average Cost of Living €600

The above table gives the list of expense based on actual cost incurred by students living in Dublin. The average cost of living for students in Dublin would be €600 per month and for other cities like Cork, Galway, Carlow the living cost might be much lower.  


Accommodation in Ireland plays a major role when it comes to expenses of a student. Around 38% of the monthly budget is spent on housing. Below table are some of the main types of accommodation and the respective cost that students opt for.

Type of Accommodation

Cost per Month

On-Campus without food €600 - 900
On-Campus with food €1000-1200
Off-campus, own studio/apartment €800-1200
Off-Campus, shared apartment €150-250


Food is usually available on campus and you may spend an average of €175 - 250 per month a week. There are numerous restaurants that serve pocket-friendly meals which you can relish. Also, you may also buy grocery from local supermarkets and farmers' markets and cook on your own


Students can opt for a student travel card and enjoy travelling at a discounted price. Around 27% of the students use public transport in Ireland and a monthly pass gets you a special discount of €75 - 132 per month

Another popular mode of transportation is the bicycle, chosen by 38% of the students. You can rent a bicycle to get around the city; rates start from 20 EURO/day

Entertainment and Socializing

Many places offer discounts for students in Ireland. On an average, movie tickets cost around €7 to €12 depending upon the time and day. Night clubs entrance fees generally cost between €7 and €15 depending upon the locality and venue. Smoking is banned in any workplace and so smoking is strictly prohibited in restaurants and bars.

One-time Expense

Apart from your course costs, there are other costs which you only have to pay once or at least not regularly. Below is a list of one-off cost; you can pen down the ones which apply to you and estimate the total cost.


Approximate Cost

Visa application €60
Insurance €130
GNIB €300
Deposit for Accommodation €500
Flight €375 - 450
Misc €200

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